Our Vision

At the heart of ESS is a desire to contribute to the development of young musicians by creating a safe space where everyone is welcome to be themselves and strive for their personal best through Suzuki education. ESS achieves this vision through a passion for teaching and a genuine desire to create meaningful relationships based on trust and respect for diverse skills and experiences. (more)

ESS Program

Edmonton Suzuki Strings (ESS) is a coalition of independent Suzuki string instructors/teachers (violin and viola instructors) who work together to create an exceptional learning environment for students and their families by offering:

  • Group lessons for all levels of violin and viola
  • Group performances
  • Solo and ensemble recitals

These opportunities, coupled with private lessons, reflect the Suzuki teaching philosophy and provide a nurturing environment that emphasizes cooperation, encouragement, listening, daily practice, learning with others, parental involvement, and self-expression through music. 

ESS Teachers

Dedicated lifelong learners, ESS teachers share a curiosity for how the Suzuki approach can best be taught in a contemporary context, and as such, welcome new perspectives, experiences, methods and ideas, and are responsive to the needs of students, parents and fellow teachers.

For lesson information contact our teachers through their teacher pages:



Suzuki String Program


Edmonton AB